Careers in aviation mechanics

Aircraft Mechanic Careers

The A&P Mechanics Test

Becoming a certified A&P aviation mechanic involves a full course of study that requires the mechanic to absorb exhaustive amounts of technical knowledge. Written, oral, and practical exams are required, along with minimum levels of experience.

The A&P Test

In brief, you must demonstrate that you have the requisite technical knowledge and experience and are qualified for testing, and then you must take a written test. It is not actually a written test any more, you go to a computer testing center and take it on a computer.

Once you pass the test on the computer, you will undergo an oral and practical exam from an FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner. This is a test covering the complete range of required knowledge about aircraft structure, propulsion, controls, instruments, wiring, landing gear, and all the rules governing airplane logbook signoffs, what mechanics must do, what they must not do, and the records they must keep.

The test will take a full day, and the applicant must demonstrate the required knowledge and skill to the examiner to pass. Once you pass the oral and practical test, the Designated Mechanic Examiner will issue your license.


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